Staying Connected

It has been my intent for some time now to stay connected with my clients. I want to remain current, and focus on social media especially, as I am assured by my children and friends, that technology is the essential way of communicating and reaching folks today.  People search for goods and shop online as the web offerings are forever changing. At Meadeworth, we continue to grow, expand, and evolve too.

I am honored that customers want to both visit us online and develop gracious customer relationships in person.  Relationships still matter to many people.  Immediacy of information will never equal inspiration from conversation and service.  Convenience is not a substitute for craft. Still, it is a trend and it is unsettling.  The designer’s job today is to coax interest back towards the understanding that sourcing alone is not design.   If someone comes into my showroom asking for a red lamp, my job is to say, what about this antique blue and white Delft lamp in a red room.  Design is about the big picture, a point of view.  We are here to make 1 + 1 = 3.  While design is about budgets and collaboration, it must also be about offering new perspectives.

I hope that Meadeworth delivers what more and more people crave today — a true neighborhood haven.  A quality establishment.  A place to return and to rediscover each season. A gem. A survivor.  That kind of authenticity exists in the stores and haunts I love.  Meadeworth is a unique place that is still to be found.

I invite you to watch our progress here.  We will surprise you.  I am not beyond the irony that this essay itself is being communicated and perhaps shared online.  Still, I ask you to unplug and go out into your neighborhood to visit your favorite local shops and restaurants.  Come to Eastside, if you haven’t been yet or haven’t visited in a while. Come see what’s both the same (quality and service) and what’s new here at Meadeworth.    Call the showroom and enjoy a conversation with an interested, knowledgeable staff member.  Or come visit our space filled with very special objects, sample pieces, and classic items.

I buy what I love. I love what I do.  That attitude has served me well for nearly 25 years, and that is as good a reason to be in business as any I can think of. We hope that you will stay connected with us.