Welcome to Our Blog!

With the help of a group of talented, young professionals (most of whom could be my kids, and I say that with endearment) and my grown children’s encouragement, I am excited to be a part of a modern, social mindset that exchanges information instantly!  Although I must admit to resisting the pressure to join the online worlds of commerce, because, in principle, that is counter to what my showroom and business are about, I am so very happy to grow, expand, and change with the times. Welcome to my blog!

With this new forum, I join the modern group of informed folks. Even though what I do is not clickable, it is the presence of a thought and the process behind the consuming of an object — the details, the layers, the interrelationships that create a work about a people…you and me. That process can be enjoyed in a relevant, personal way in your home.  Even after all these years, Meadeworth Interiors is still a place to be discovered; a place to come to craft ideas, tailor those ideas, and bring them to life. Thanks for your encouragement!